Android Microsoft Outlook App Setup

To set up Outlook on an Android device:

1. Locate the Android Play Store icon (see diagram below)
2. Search for Microsoft Outlook within the Play Store (see diagram below)


3. Press Install to proceed with the installation (see diagram below)
4. The Icon will change to Installing… indicating the installation is in progress (see diagram below)



5. When the installation has completed the following screen will appear (see diagram below), to complete the installation, press the X . Press OPEN to start the Microsoft Outlook app (see diagram below)



6. On the next screen (see diagram below), enter the same email address as the previous step along with your Passport York password. This will sign you into Office 365 and automatically setup your email account.



7. On the following screen, press Skip to finalize the setup process.



8. The setup process of Office 365 email is complete. All functionality are located at the bottom icons. Inbox and folders are located at the top left corner icon.



You are done installing Outlook on your mobile device. To ensure continuity of local contacts, follow these instructions to sync your mobile contacts.